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I was almost a “Feelings Hooker” …

Therapists are "Feelings Hookers"

Therapists are “Feelings Hookers”

When I was in high school, I remember telling my mom and some of my extended family that I wanted to go into psychiatry. My family laughed and thought it was cute in their usual condescending way and my mom thought it was a lousy idea. But I remember taking a few psychology classes my freshman and sophomore years at Emory and it was as interesting a field as I thought it would be, albeit much harder than I thought it would be, too. I was en route to becoming a Feelings Hooker. But I kept getting pressure from my family to be “a real doctor”, as if a psychiatrist didn’t have to go through medical school and have an “MD” at the end of their name also. Eventually, I got fed up with everyone telling me it was a shitty idea. So, I came up with a shittier one – Sociology, society’s Feelings Hooker. I guess I showed them…  huge-mistake


Do-overs, part 2

It’s been a little over a year now since my father passed away. It’s been the toughest year of my life. I had to pack up and leave my life behind, all of my friends, all of my belongings, all at a moment’s notice. I don’t necessarily regret it, I did what I thought I had to do, but I wish (for so many reasons) that I didn’t have to.

My last post was about how I would do things differently if I had a second chance. Knowing what I know now and having gone through what I’ve gone through, and seeing what both of my parents have gone through in the last few years, I’ve come to the conclusion that I just want a complete do-over. At some point, I assume everyone has wanted to start over and go through their life again, but this time with the knowledge that they have accumulated so far. Me, I’d like my new starting point to be freshman year of undergrad. At best, assuming there is such thing as heaven and I get to go there, that’s only something you get to do when life is over and maybe that gets to be your version of your personal heaven.

For now, the best I can hope for is that I can pick up the remaining pieces of my heart and my life and build up from here. Learn what I can, adapt, and rebuild. With that in mind, one of my new projects will be to rebuild and revamp my blog. I haven’t quite figured out what I want my blog to focus on. But hopefully you’ll stick with me on my journey and we can figure that out together…

Until then, look for some changes on here: most likely a new title, maybe a new look, definitely some new entries.