Memories and lessons learned


Zohra Yaqub is a data analyst and Coach working at a non-profit in Atlanta, GA. She is also the Media and Marketing Director for Nurture Project International.  She was an undergrad at Emory University and attended grad school at the University of Arizona.

This blog was created for a multimedia class at UA and continues on as a way for her to share stories about herself, her family, and issues that she’s passionate about.

Stories published:

“Food for Thought: Learning about Proper Nutrition” – Border Beat, Nov 22, 2010

“Middle East Revolutions Reverberate Close to Home” – Tucson Sentinel, Feb 12, 2011

“UA Mall Border Fence Project Divides Students” – Tucson Sentinel, March 25, 2011

“Rain Washes Away Border Fence, Raises Environmental Concerns” – Border Beat, Sept 8, 2011

“Professor Studies Ecosystem for Future Wildfires” – Border Beat, Sept 14, 2011

“Many Mouths to Feed the Soul” – Border Beat, Oct 5, 2011

“Benefit Party for All Souls Procession” – Border Beat, Oct 5, 2011

“Where Little Angels Get Their Wings” – Border Beat, Oct 5, 2011

“City Council Continues to Enforce Citations on Occupy Tucson Protesters” – Border Beat, Oct 26, 2011

“Occupiers are Racking Up Multiple Citations” – Border Beat, Nov 2, 2011

“All Souls Parade” – Border Beat, Nov 9, 2011

“REVOLUTION: Tucson Libyans Share Experiences and Stories from the Home Front” – Border Beat, Nov 15, 2011

“Alla Frefer: A Libyan-American Experience” – Border Beat, Nov 22, 2011

“Visit Tucson’s Valley of the Moon” – Border Beat, Nov 30, 2011


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