Memories and lessons learned

5 Years Today

Five years ago today, my father died. I’m haunted by his spirit everyday. He is alive in my memories. He is alive in my everlasting love of his soul. Sometimes it’s an absolutely beautiful feeling. Sometimes it’s unbelievably painful. It is all worth it to have been loved by him.

U2 – Tomorrow (click here to watch the video)

This isn’t the original music video for the song. I don’t think there actually is an official music video for ‘Tomorrow’. I just picked a video I thought was interesting. This song is not about war, despite this video. Although you can interpret it to be so. Bono wrote this about his mother, who he loved, who died at her own father’s funeral. The black car outside in the lyrics is a hearse. He just keeps begging her to come back to him tomorrow throughout the whole song. You can hear his heartbreak.

Time doesn’t really take away pain. Time allows you to figure out how to manage it.


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