Memories and lessons learned

Environmental (non)Protection?

Last week, Gov. Jan Brewer took Arizona out of the Western Climate Initiative set up to reduce greenhouse gas emissions in several US states and Canadian provinces.  In a move that really shouldn’t have surprise her opponents nor her supporters, Brewer’s move put business and monetary concerns before the environment.

Former AZ Gov. Janet Napolitano enlisted Arizona’s participation in the initiative in 2008.  The initiative calls on states to “identify, evaluate, and implement emissions trading policies to tackle climate change at a regional level”.

In an article for the Arizona Daily Star, Henry Darwin, director of the Department of Environmental Quality, explained AZ pulled out of the initiative because of the cap and trade system.  The “cap” is the limit of greenhouse gas emissions a company can emit.  “Trade” is the option to trade the excess gas your company emits for the the credits earned by companies that are below their caps.  This way, the maximum amount of gas set for the region remains at or below that limit.

The Grill has been a Tucson staple since the 1920s. They closed their doors for the last time tonight. (Image courtesy of the


Some of the best memories I have in Tucson are at The Grill on Congress.  I’ve spent the semester talking about the loss of and dangers to our natural environment, but what about the unnatural environment we make for ourselves?

One of my late night adventures here was the Halloween I was a scientist, another time when I met up with my friend that came home from Jordan to tell her that I was no longer friends with the girl she hated, and another night when my friends from school went out for my gym friend’s birthday.  And I’m pretty sure that each of these times, I had tator tots with The Grill’s awesome pesto dipping sauce!

Just for the hell of it, I decided to drive by the restaurant on Congress Street… I shouldn’t have.  It was a long night at the library and I didn’t get to go by until 1am.  It was a dark and sad memory of fun times in the past…


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