Memories and lessons learned

Locally grown, organic deliciousness

Sunday morning, my friend invited me to go with her to the farmer’s market at St. Philip’s Plaza, a bit of an upscale shopping plaza known for its nice restaurants, beautiful landscaping, and even a trendy nightclub – Level.

Lots of people show up every Sunday to try all sorts of samples from the vendors and of course to buy locally grown and organic fruits, vegetables, cheeses, and seeds among many many other things.

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One organization in particular stood out for me – Native Seeds.  They are a non-profit regional seed bank that 350 varieties of seeds unique to the southwest region.  Native Seeds works with native tribes to continue their long agricultural traditions.  The organization promotes the conservation of heirloom seeds, which are seeds that have adapted to the growing conditions in a certain area.   This promotes sustainable agriculture and agricultural biodiversity, according to their website.  One of the biggest issues Native Seeds is concerned about is what they describe as “the loss of ecological relationships” between humans and plants.  Please visit their website to learn more about Native Seeds’ current projects.

Map to St. Philip’s Farmer’s Market:


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